16 Ways to Protect Your Home This Winter

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Winter is Coming! Are you prepared? Make sure your home or business is protected this winter with this money saving winter checklist. These 16 simple steps could save you thousands in energy costs and winter damage repairs. Follow these helpful tips and give winter the cold shoulder.

Public Adjusters - Your Secret Weapon

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Often Public Adjusters are confused with other types of adjusters and adjusting services. This can lead to quite the issue when the client figures out all too late that the other types of adjusters don’t work for them or truly represent their rights. Other types of adjusters than a public adjuster state they are present to assist them with their claim but really hold some other entities’ best interests in mind such as the insurance company. Public Adjusters are the only types of adjusters that legally represent the policyholder during an insurance claim. Other adjusters such as insurance or independent adjusters are retained by a corporation such as the insurance company and represent their rights even though they may sell it in a different light. The essential purpose of the independent and insurance adjusters is to represent the company and protect their interest in claims filed with them. Not only is this important to know, but it’s vital to understand that Public Adjusters can benefit more than just the average policyholder.

Public Adjusters & Attorneys Unite

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    If you have suffered from a major disaster or loss, such as a flood, fire, windstorm or even worse a natural disaster such as a hurricane, then you understand the troubles and emotional stress that can be incurred. After the loss the next days are spent trying to deal with the damages and keeping care of your family there can be barely enough time to handle it all. This is when it is clear that the help of a professional could be greatly beneficial. In these sorts of scenarios attorneys and public adjusters can be a huge help in getting you back into shape. So now the question may be; how can one of these public adjusters and/or attorneys help? Each of the two plays a vital part in helping policy holders through these tough times, but they do this in different ways. You as the policy holder should know the ways in which each of these entities can benefit you and when to choose one, the other or both. The important thing to note is that attorneys and public adjusters both represent your rights legally while the insurance’s attorneys and independent adjusters solely stand for the insurance companies, not you, no matter how they may try to sell it.

What the Hail

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The storm season is upon us along with all the problems it can create too. Hail storms have been troubling thousands of homeowners recently and for many leaving a lasting impression. Damage caused by hail can be a tricky one to spot as in many cases the damage is not easily seen. Hail can cause damage to underlying shingles and siding that would not be detectable without proper inspection from an expert. If you or your business was recently affected by heavy storms or hail you may be wondering how to be sure and what to do in the event you do have damage. The Public Insurance Adjusters Association and our experienced members are here to assist in any way. Below is set of steps to help determine if you have damage to your property and the next steps to take towards filing a claim.

The Public Insurance Adjusters Association

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With over thousands of insurance claims filed each year, the majority of them are denied or highly underpaid. This should come as no surprise though, because after all the insurance companies are in a for-profit business. If they were to fulfill every claim in its entirety, how would they turn a profit? Learn why the Public Insurance Adjusters Association is here and how we are helping you the policy holder. Join us in our mission to restore balance to the insurance claims industry.

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