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16 Ways to Protect Your Home This Winter

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Winter is Coming! Are you prepared? Make sure your home or business is protected this winter with this money saving winter checklist. These 16 simple steps could save you thousands in energy costs and winter damage repairs. Follow these helpful tips and give winter the cold shoulder.

Public Adjusters - Your Secret Weapon

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Often Public Adjusters are confused with other types of adjusters and adjusting services. This can lead to quite the issue when the client figures out all too late that the other types of adjusters don’t work for them or truly represent their rights. Other types of adjusters than a public adjuster state they are present to assist them with their claim but really hold some other entities’ best interests in mind such as the insurance company. Public Adjusters are the only types of adjusters that legally represent the policyholder during an insurance claim. Other adjusters such as insurance or independent adjusters are retained by a corporation such as the insurance company and represent their rights even though they may sell it in a different light. The essential purpose of the independent and insurance adjusters is to represent the company and protect their interest in claims filed with them. Not only is this important to know, but it’s vital to understand that Public Adjusters can benefit more than just the average policyholder.

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