Public Adjusters - Your Secret Weapon

Public Adjusters - Your Secret Weapon

Public Adjusters Benefit Everyone

Often Public Adjusters are confused with other types of adjusters and adjusting services. This can lead to quite the issue when the client figures out all too late that the other types of adjusters don’t work for them or truly represent their rights. Other types of adjusters than a public adjuster state they are present to assist them with their claim but really hold some other entities’ best interests in mind such as the insurance company. Public Adjusters are the only types of adjusters that legally represent the policyholder during an insurance claim. Other adjusters such as insurance or independent adjusters are retained by a corporation such as the insurance company and represent their rights even though they may sell it in a different light. The essential purpose of the independent and insurance adjusters is to represent the company and protect their interest in claims filed with them. Not only is this important to know, but it’s vital to understand that Public Adjusters can benefit more than just the average policyholder.



 Attorneys often make use of public adjusters and consult with them during the insurance claims process for advice. Attorneys are often specialized in an area and are much more qualified to handle legal matters, but an Adjuster has professional training in inspecting, documenting and filing claims, which can be very useful to an attorney. Public adjusters are not as keen in litigation as an attorney would be but the Adjuster can provide precise details and documentation that might prove troublesome for the attorney to prepare. Most commonly attorneys call on the services of public adjusters in dealing with bad faith claims were important documentation and paperwork needs to be established that the adjuster can handle while the attorney focuses their efforts more on the litigation at hand. In addition to attorneys, Property owners and real estate agents can also find great benefits in using a Public Adjuster’s service.


 Property Owners

 Property owners can find an Adjusters service to be quite invaluable especially when trying to balance many claims and properties at the same time. First of all, a Public Adjuster can take a large portion of the workload in organizing, documenting, and filing a claim on their behalf. One has to consider the amount of stress that can build up when only one person is multi-managing several large scale operations. The public adjusters are there to help and specialize in handling these claims. They should be someone you can trust to hand over all your information and documents knowing that your rights will be protected. This allows the property owners to spend more time on their duties and clients while the adjuster works on getting their claim fulfilled. Also chances are that if you are not an attorney or fluent in law yourself, then you don’t fully understand the rights you have and what you are entitled to within your insurance policy. Public adjusters are up to date in these terms and will spot any area that the insurance company tries to dismiss or dispute. After all it’s more ideal for the insurance company to deal with someone who is not fully informed on their policy because that makes it much easier for them to manipulate the claim in their favor. Working claims in their favor means more money in their pocket and less in the insured’s. Not every insurance claim is cut and dry and often there are many gray areas that arise where a public adjuster would be most beneficial. Public adjusters can differentiate between types of damages such as wind, soot, fire, etc. They will make sure every corner is searched and that every aspect of your claim is covered. There are many areas the public adjuster can assist but there are some unseen benefits to working with public adjusters as well.


Intangible Benefits

In most situations the emotional impact after a loss is hard to prepare for. Family members could have been injured, pets lost and property destroyed. Adding all that stress and emotion on top of having to rebuild and negotiate with the insurance companies can be just too much to handle. It is not unusual to feel despair or helpless after a major loss. Dealing with that stress and then also having to try and negotiate with the insurance adjuster who doesn’t fully understand everything you are experiencing can cause great frustration. Policyholders who have used a public adjuster in the past say one of the biggest benefits of using a public adjuster is relieving you from emotional stress and allowing you to focus on more important matters. A great public adjuster will take the time to sit down and explain the claims process and guide you through to get biggest settlement. They will make sure that you don’t get persuaded into signing documents that would damage your claim and prevent you from submitting any mistakes yourself. These benefits can be exponentially helpful when you’re a property owner with multiple claims in addition to your daily projects already.

 Dealing with a loss is never an experience anyone looks forward to. Knowing that you have a professional to represent your rights can let you rest easy at night and take care of what is most important to you. A public adjuster can benefit everyone taking the workload off you and help with the lingering issues that are left behind. It is often overlooked the amount of effort and detail that is put in an insurance claim. You may find for yourself someday that it’s to your benefit to have an expert truly representing your rights and know they work for you not the insurance company.

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Great Article! I will be looking more into public adjusters in the future for sure.

Many people are unaware about what a public adjuster is and how they can help you. I think this article can be helpful for people to get to know about them.