The Public Insurance Adjusters Association

The Public Insurance Adjusters Association

The PIAA Mission

With over thousands of insurance claims filed each year, the majority of them are denied or highly underpaid. This should come as no surprise though, because after all the insurance companies are in a for-profit business. If they were to fulfill every claim in its entirety, how would they turn a profit? Major companies hire teams of employees with the sole purpose of cutting if not fully denying these claims to ensure a bigger bottom line for them. So who really gets the short end of the stick here? The policy holder, the one who pays for their so called ‘coverage’, later to find out in the fine print of their policy that is was not really in their favor to begin with. How is the average policy holder supposed to really understand their claim fully when these insurance giants use very particular wording and verbiage often wrote up by skilled lawyers? These financial, legal, and political resources at the ready disposal of the insurers in recent years have emboldened them to adopt a three D's demeanor toward their policy holders when claims are submitted. - Deny, Diminish or Delay.  Who is left to fight for the policy holder’s rights?


The Public Insurance Adjusters Association [PIAA] stands for policy holder’s rights and ensures their voice is heard. PIAA was created to provide a reckonable force by uniting leaders in the industry such as Public Adjusters, Attorneys, and Contractors that the policy holder can depend on and trust. Formed in 2014, the Public Insurance Adjusters Association was conceived under the realization that too many home owners and businesses suffering insurable losses were being victimized by these insurance companies, the very ones already being paid to help their policy holders in their time of need. PIAA encourages higher standards of professionalism and proves it with the utmost qualified members. Through a strong collective body, the Public Insurance Adjusters Association builds a strong platform for equal footing when engaging the insurance corporations (in a meaningful and conclusive dialog or in disputed battle). What makes PIAA different from other associations is that we get engaged in the insurance claims process from beginning to end and ensure a fair settlement. PIAA can help with all aspects of insurance claims because we have expert members to assist at every step in the process.


We are uniting the professionals in the insurance industry to combat against these corporate giants and make sure the policy holder is fairly represented.  Attorneys, Public Adjusters and Contractors join the Public Insurance Adjuster Association because they believe in achieving a balance of power on behalf of the insured when disaster strikes, by creating a recognizable force of respected and united entities through the organization. Joining PIAA will strengthen this fighting force, paving the way for future legislation and protecting the policy holders. We keep up to date on recent changes and events in the industry through continuing education, regular member meetings, and remaining politically active. PIAA stays consistent on important developments and makes sure our members stay informed and current. When you deal with the Public Insurance Adjusters Association know that we don’t give up or back down and never will.

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